Sunday, April 18, 2010

.....And the primative future as presented b y Kraftwerk and the Screamers..(act like you know)>

KRAFTWERK KRAFTWERK KRAFTWERK KRAFTWERK KRAFTWERK  These Berliners  pretty much created electronic music as we know it today.There was synthesized music before  Kraftwerk, but they sharpened it into a fine edge that cut threw it's bloodless nature.. It actually shook you up and made you get down, and became something to experience as opposed to studied.. Afrika Bambata's "Planet Rock" Is merely the first(literally) in a long and prestigious line of D.J.'s and Beat makers who sampled the Werk in general and there ode to travel TransEuropeXpress in particular....This song is more or less the template for the first ,and arguably best  wave of Hip-Hop... tHE SCREAMERS  the SCREAMERS THE SCREAMERS tHE SCReamers the screamers THE SCREAMERS....          My friends, this L.A. group was the future..before music was as divided as it presently is, there was a brief period in witch Los Angeles really did stand on the thresh hold of a era of art, music, ideas, and adventure all pushing it to the max....... the Screamers were the vanguard of that time .. Los Angeles!!!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Killler dream team grafix, logos, and daydreams...

killer dreamsetThe  original At-At(all terrain-  armored transport) is a photo I found floating on the net... Some kid had graffitied up his toy.. I added on the K.D. logo, making it the beast's shell. Background flick is a very beautiful sunrise shot I took of Ports- o' -call village right here in Pedro.  neon and black

warholwarhol1)Photo I took of an Andy Warhol poster that had been glued up in D.T.L.A. \Result:killer warhol Last but not least...a virtual diorama of sorts... a cartoon view of what life can and is like in the city of angel's..fisheyed riverA cameo by the aforementioned AT-AT and a special guest appearance by Raul "Spew" Vasquez ... More on ol' spewer soon... here are a few "B-SIDES"- Panoramaghostspew eye of god look into my eyez... (note the eyes)